Religious, Education & NFP


Not all loans fit nicely into the same neat package, and the financial needs of organisations such as churches, schools, and Not-for-Profits don’t always go well with what the big lenders understand.

Financien was founded to cater to the finance needs of Commercial & Business organisations, though our passion and specialisation is within the Religious, Education and NFP (“REN”) sectors. We understand your organisations are specialized not only in how you operate, but also in your financial needs.


What We Do

Consultation & Data Collection

We meet with you to learn more about your organisation, your history and more importantly your vision. If your organisation engages Financien we follow up with an information request to assist us in sourcing the most competitive and appropriate solution for you.

Applying For Finance

Engaging Financien means the hassle of applying to multiple lenders and selling your organisation’s story multiple times is removed! You tell us about your organisation, its visions and its needs, once, and let us take care of obtaining the lenders’ support from thereon. As an ex-banker working in this specialized field, Carl has an insider knowledge of what the lenders look for in their credit assessments.

The Costs, Fees & Charges

Initial consultations are free of charge.

When your organisation is ready to authorise us to obtain a loan on your behalf, we charge an Upfront Engagement Fee of 0.1% + GST of the finance amount being sought or $1,000 + GST (whichever is the smaller amount).

It is Financien’s passion to help our clients in these sectors, and we receive commissions from the successful lender upon settlement of a loan, so we keep our fee low to cover our work that goes in to preparing a loan submission.

Denominational Church Finance Consulting

If your church is affiliated with a particular denomination and cannot seek a loan through commercial lenders, Financien can also consult with your church on preparing loan submissions to your denominational lender.

Initial conversations are free of charge, depending on the loan size and complexity Financien will disclose and agree on an engagement fee before formally providing consulting services




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